a new place to stay, for a new generation of traveler

Share House reimagines the traditional notion of a hotel by combining locally rooted design & programming from the lifestyle hotel space with the affordability & communal culture of hostels.

Share your room. Share your vitality. Your enthusiasm. Your best self.

Share it with a friend, with your family, with someone new. Share it with the world.

share a room


whether you're traveling on a budget, with a group, or just seeking to foster a greater connection with new people, our modern day shared rooms provide all the benefits of a modern day sleepover, with en-suite bathrooms and more privacy than a first class lie-flat airplane seat. 

stay alone

so you're traveling on bigger budget, with your special someone, or you just want a bit more space, while still experiencing the shared community downstairs; our private rooms are the perfect fit.


locally-inspired food, drinks, and music so you can meet travelers and locals and truly experience the culture without leaving the property. and if you love your job as much as we do, we've got  a place for you to work (& you don't have to pretend to sip the same cup of coffee for nine hours). 

work, eat, drink


Share House is focused on cultivating a community of travelers and locals that want more than a place to stay, but to authentically experience a city through its food, beverage, and most importantly people. Share House creates spaces that travelers and locals alike can share and activities & events that appeal to both groups to help foster their connection.


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for a new generation of traveler

110 E. 25th Street

New York, NY 10010


Tel: +1 (952) 237-9733

Fax: please don't send us a fax

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