grab a friend. maybe more. invite a roommate. and go explore.
(just let us know if you need an extra night or two)

Running Tours

Not only is a morning run a perfectly uplifting way to start your day, but it's perhaps the most authentic way to embody the local culture. Our running club is designed for locals and travelers.


Co-Working Space

If you love your job like we do, you'll need a space to plug in while you're on the road that's better than a Starbucks. Grab a seat next to other travelers and locals working remotely. 


Bike Tours

There's no better way to truly see & embrace a city, than by bike. 



Cooking Classes

Anyone can eat local cuisine, but only by cooking it can you really dive deep into the culture and history of the cuisine. Don't worry, we'll make an extra batch for the less culinary inclined.

Yoga For All

Morning yoga, outdoors if its nice, indoors if its not. Join us for a class to remember your center and the beautiful nature of your breath. Find your presence to feel and support others doing the same.



Underground Walking Tours

Join our local volunteers leading small groups to modern tourist destinations: cafe's, restaurants, speakeasies, and other authentically local places that TripAdvisor won't tell you about.

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